Father’s Day

June 16, 19

Sometimes the miracle you need is just revelation of changes you need to make. So, ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you those changes.


9 Crucial Strengths to Develop 

Love: His family feels valued because of him.

Joy: He’s filled with a passion for life!

Peace: A state of calmness permeates his home. 

Patience: He handles storms confidently. 

Kindness: He is considerate, contributing to every area of the family.

Goodness: He’s full of honour and integrity.

Faithfulness: His trust in Jesus is unwavering! 

Gentleness: He has a power about him that is under control. 

Self-control: He is master of his emotions and desires.

Galatians 5:22-26

3 John 2

Luke 1:17 

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